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National Association of mold remediators & Inspectors

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NAMRI Membership Requirements

Education and/or Experience
Part of NAMRI's mission is to promote education for mold inspectors and remediators prior to performing mold assessments and remediation projects. NAMRI requires a minimum of 24 hours of accredited* mold education training or equivalent mold inspection or mold remediation projects before an individual may apply for membership and begin performing mold testing or mold remediation. (See list of approved mold education providers.)

NAMRI Exam or Equivalent
To ensure that all members understand the NAMRI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, along with the procedures for performing a proper mold inspection, NAMRI requires all new members to pass the NAMRI exam, which is a national exam sponsored by NAMRI and provided to members at no charge, or to have passed an equivalent state, national or other accredited exam. There is no additional charge to take or re-take the NAMRI exam.

State Requirements
NAMRI requires its members to complete all mandatory state licensing or registration requirements for mold professionals, which may include additional exams, insurance requirements and background checks.

Ethics & Standards
Members must be of good moral character and agree to abide by the NAMRI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethic, which establish a minimum and uniform standard for performing a mold inspection of a single-family to a four-family dwelling.

Continuing Education
Part of NAMRI's mission is to promote professional development for its members. NAMRI members agree to complete at minimum, one 6-hour training event each year to further their knowledge. NAMRI will assist members in obtaining the recommended continuing education.

Membership Dues
NAMRI members agree to pay a $195 membership fee the first year and $99 for annual renewal thereafter. NAMRI membership fees are considerably less than other organizations, many of which operate for profit and exist to sell private trainer certifications.

*Accredited mold education refers to courses or classes taken from a mold training school that has a verified location and classroom that can be inspected; is authorized or licensed by its state post-secondary education governing body; is insured and bonded; has been in continuous operation for at least the previous 10 years; is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with a satisfactory complaint history; and employs instructors who hold valid instructor licenses in the state(s) where the mold training is conducted. Contact NAMRI to determine if past mold training hours meet NAMRI's accredited education requirement.

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