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National Association of mold remediators & Inspectors

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NAMRI Code of Ethics

The following rules of conduct and ethics help maintain integrity and objectivity within the mold inspection and remediation profession.


  1. The mold professional shall always act in good faith towards the client, while respecting applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Mold professionals shall not disclose the results of mold services to others without client consent, unless compelled by law or duty to occupants exposed to an immediate hazard.
  3. The mold professional shall not render a professional opinion unless it is based on fact, education, or experience.
  4. The mold professional shall not accept compensation from more than one materially interested party for the same service without the consent of all interested parties.
  5. The mold professional shall maintain truth in advertising, marketing, and promotion of services or qualifications.
  6. The mold professional shall commit to ongoing professional development and education to help further the mold service industry.
  7. The mold professional shall not knowingly use a mold inspection or a mold remediation project to solicit work in another field.
  8. In any instance where the NAMRI Code of Ethics and the law conflict, the obligations of the law shall take precedence.


  1. The mold professional shall perform a mold inspection that is substantially in compliance with the NAMRI Standards of Practice for mold inspection.
  2. A written pre-inspection agreement with the client shall disclose all inspection fees, laboratory testing fees, the scope of the inspection, and limitations.
  3. The written report submitted shall clearly document the size and location of suspected microbial growth and areas evidenced to be conducive to mold growth.
  4. The mold professional shall not exclude items from the inspection report that fall within the Standards of Practice without written agreement with the client.


  1. The mold professional shall enter into a written agreement with the client that specifies the the scope of the mold remediation project, remediation protocols, and fees.
  2. The mold professional shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where business is conducted.
  3. The mold professional shall submit a written change order to the client when circumstances cause the scope of the work to change significantly.
  4. The mold professional shall conduct quality assurance evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of the remediation.


  1. The mold professional shall promptly disclose in writing to the client any interests that may conflict with the mold services provided.
  2. The mold professional shall not allow any interest to affect the quality of the results of a mold inspection or mold remediation project.
  3. The mold professional shall provide additional services to the client only after securing the written consent of the client in a separate document that includes a written statement of the services intended and how such services may conflict with the mold services provided.

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