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National Association of mold remediators & Inspectors

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NAMRI Membership Requirements

NAMRI Certificate and logo
Those who have met the requirements for membership will receive a personalized membership certificate and are authorized to display a print-quality NAMRI-Certified logo on marketing materials such as business cards and web sites. Members must pass the certification prior to using the NAMRI logos. There is no charge for members to take or re-take this online exam.

NAMRI Inspector Web Site
The National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NAMRI) also offers a free custom web site for its members. The Members Section of the NAMRI site contains a web site creator that will allow you to quickly and automatically list your business on the NAMRI web server so that your customers who visit NAMRI can see that you are a certified member. Some charge $30 per month for a similar service.

Continuing Education Hours
The National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NAMRI), provides free online continuing education courses with paid membership. NAMRI's continuing education courses are professional quality and cover a variety of valuable topics. Each course is a minimum $199 value that costs you nothing. To fulfill the education requirement, you can also take mold-related courses from other providers..

All members have access to the NAMRI Exam, a 100-question online test that covers the following areas: Building Science 6%, Mold Knowledge 28%, Inspection Methods 12%, Inspected Systems 28%, Mold Remediation 5%, Standards of Practice 7%, Professional Conduct 4%, Sampling and Reporting 10%. This exam is required for new members who have not already passed a qualifying exam from an accredited education provider.

Errors & Omissions Insurance Approved
NAMRI is one of the few organizations in the country that can help qualify members for Mold Inspection E&O insurance. This type of insurance covers legal expenses and provides damage coverage for the mold inspection process and mold sampling. Highlights include individual $500,000/$1,000,000 policy limits from an A-rated insurer at one of the lowest rates (about half the cost of home inspector E&O). Includes on-site general liability! You receive a flat rate - no audit, and financing is available.

NOTE: For eligibility, all Mold E&O Insurers in the United States require both an E&O approved IAQ Organization membership, and an E&O approved training course such as the one provided by the Professional Mold Inspection Institute.

NAMRI Inspector Referral Service
The National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors (NAMRI) offers a free referral service for its members. Whenever NAMRI receives a request for a professional in your area, NAMRI will forward your information to the potential clients so that they can contact you.

Advertising and Marketing
Clients and Realtors can be directed to the NAMRI site or can contact us to verify your credentials. Furthermore, you are authorized to reproduce copies of the NAMRI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to give to your clients or add to your mold inspection reports.

Membership Renewal Discount
Continuing members automatically receive a discount when they renew their membership, making NAMRI's already low membership dues even better! Join for just $195, then pay only $99 for renewal thereafter. Other organizations charge much more, and often require a separate payment for each type of certification you wish to purchase from them. As a non-profit business, NAMRI is committed to keeping dues at a reasonable cost.

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